Don’t want to spend months and years learning?

Then the Intensive Driving Courses are just for you!

An ‘Intensive Driving Course’ or ‘Crash Course’ as they are sometimes called can be the solution to getting you to through your driving test in 3days, 5days, one week, two week or three weeks without an extra cost.

We offer a 3day, 5day, 1Week, 2week, or 3week course to help work around your needs.

Benefits of an Intensive Driving Course

  • It will allow you to learn at a very fast rate.
  • This course will certainly save you time and potentially money, as you may need less hours.
  • With an intensive driving course, the student can build on the knowledge obtained in the short period of time to progress faster.
  • Intensive driving course is especially useful to people with very little spare time.