Our driving instructors are specially trained to the highest standard to deliver any training, such as highway driving lessons.

The benefits of having highway driving lessons are, to make you a safer driver on the SA’s highway network.  Highway driver training is available to new drivers and those more experienced drivers who may lack confidence.

Statistically highways are the safest category of road in the SA. However, whilst road collisions are fewer in number, compared to non–highway roads, they usually involve larger numbers of vehicles at high speed, therefore we recommend you to have this training.

Benefits of Motorway Driver Training

  • Highway driver training will enable you to drive safely on faster roads, and it will greatly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. In addition to this, will lower your insurance premium.
  • You will be learning how to Identify and use of slip roads, highway entry and exit procedures.
  • Effective lane changing and lane discipline procedures, Overtaking, Joining and leaving the hard shoulder, threat source identification, vehicle breakdown procedures, matrix signals and Space and vehicle management.